Size is important!

The size of the Container makes a big difference to the strength (concentration) of CBD within it as the CBD rating will be split by the amount of overall fluid within the container.

MG is short for Milligrams, a milligram is a measurement of weight for an active ingredient, in this case CBD, CBD is measured in total weight within the container, Bottle, Tub or Pack not per ml.

ML is short for Millilitre, a millilitre is used to describe the volume of fluid, in this case the total liquid within the container – the size of the bottle, tub etc.

All CBD related products from any CBD seller will have a CBD rating – which is described in mg, for example 200mg CBD. The higher the CBD rating the higher the price of the product despite its container, bottle or tub size.

However, the higher the CBD rating in MG does not necessarily mean its stronger. All CBD sellers will advertise the total amount of CBD within the product, for example – you can have two bottle sizes one bottle is 10ml and the other bottle is 100ml and both are advertised as 200mg CBD.

In the example above, a handful of first time buyers may think that the 100ml 200mg bottle is stronger in CBD or contains overall more CBD than the 10ml 200mg bottle, this is the fatal mistake that is often made by some first time buyers.

Both bottles contain a total of 200mg CBD each, meaning that the smaller 10ml bottle is actually 10 times stronger because the 200mg of CBD is split between 10ml of liquid rather than 100ml of liquid. The CBD Strength (concentration) is shared with more liquid in the 100ml bottle making it a weaker strength per ml.